Unity Rehab Center

Holistic Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Center

Unity Recovery Center has helped thousands suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. We provide a broad scope of effective and affordable drug rehab and addiction treatment to those who suffer from the physical and emotional pain of addiction. Drug or alcohol addiction is a debilitating disease that can inflict a heavy toll on the life of an addict, as well as his or her family. By making the choice to enter our drug and alcohol programs, you have made a decision to take your life back and begin anew, healthy and free from a harmful addiction.

What Makes Our Rehab Stand Out?

At Unity Rehab, we tailor each of our rehab programs to best accommodate our patient's individual addictions and aid in their successful recovery. We are different from other Florida rehab centers in the fact that we offer client specific approaches when handling each of our patient's needs. Upon arriving at our facility, all patients are assessed by a Unity psychologist and based on the results, given a customized drug and alcohol treatment program that is specific to their individual addiction. There is no such thing as a "one size fits all" treatment program. The same way that every individual is unique-so is his or her addiction. Combining this individualized approach with our holistic and 12-step methods results in dramatically high rates of success for any individual who enters our facility.

We encourage you to take the first step towards healing, but if you are serious about getting better, it is important to remember that you cannot do so without the help of a rehabilitation expert. The drug and alcohol programs that are most successful are the ones that are driven by the combined efforts of treatment professionals and the patients who enter our rehabilitation facility. No matter how qualified, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation expert cannot heal someone unless they are willing to fully engage in the rehab program. Our drug rehabilitation staff is ready to provide you with the strength and support you will need to successfully complete our treatment program and live long, healthy and drug free lives again.

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Rehab Programs for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is caused by a number of personal issues, both emotional and physical. It is our goal at Unity Rehab to better understand the reasons why our patients have turned to drugs and to create treatment programs that are focused on resolving these particular issues so that relapse is avoidable when a patient leaves our facility. Below is a sample list of some of the treatment programs Unity Rehab offers and what each program may entail depending on the addiction issues of the patient.

  • Weekly individual therapy sessions and additional sessions as needed.
  • You will meet with our Weekly Psychiatric and Medical Services every week.
  • About 5 Hours of group therapy sessions throughout the day.
  • Focus on total wellness to include fitness, nutrition, and alternative pain management techniques for prescription drug addiction and opiate dependency.
  • Excercise in our Gym 5x per week, Yoga 1x per week, and/or Tai Chi 1x per week. This helps detox the body from residual effects of drugs and alcohol.
  • We offer specialty programs and intensive trauma therapy.
  • Meditation and Goal setting every morning.
  • Weekly recreation activities including several beach outings weekly.
  • Evening 12 step meetings (AA/NA) Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.
  • Each patient will have an individual customized program designed specifically to address underlying issues and long term recovery while in rehab.
  • We offer an intensive family program for support.
  • We provide extended continuing care upon completion of our rehab program in Florida.

Florida Drug Treatment Center

The Best Drug Rehab

Unity Rehab knows that making the choice to enter oneself into a rehab program is a challenging decision. It is our goal to see that anyone who chooses to receive help at our facility is provided with only the most beneficial and first-rate drug treatment programs available. We do this at Unity Rehab by employing master's level professionals who are able to administer to our patient's some of the best holistic healing and 12-step drug and alcohol rehab programs offered in the country.

We have helped thousands suffering from drug and alcohol addiction beat their addictions by providing them with affordable, comprehensive, and innovated drug and alcohol treatment programs. We are a leading Florida Rehab and we accomplish this best by understanding that treating addiction is a multi-stage process and one that needs to be handled on a case-by-case basis. Each individual needs to be treated with compassion, respect, and care and each of their individual addiction issues need to be addressed so that they are receiving the most complete drug and alcohol rehabilitation possible and the best chance for recovery.